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Idle KT
I tried drawing an OC. I'm still getting to grips with drawing full bodies.
30 Day Pokemon December Challenge - Day 16…
I know I've fallen behind on this challenge. I will catch up on them when the month's over.
I picked Jirachi for my favourite Steel type, solely because I think it's the cutest and most pleasant looking one. (I would've picked Magnezone if Steel type was its primary.)
30 Day Pokemon December Challenge - Day 5
I have fallen behind so I need to try and catch up.…
Not only is Braixen my favourite Fire type, it's also my 2nd favourite Pokémon of all time, and also my mascot Pokémon (because fox). I adore its design and it helped me out a lot in XY.
30 Day Pokemon December Challenge - Day 4…
I chose Drifloon as my favourite Ghost type Pokémon solely because it was the one I liked the most design-wise.
Here's a link to a raffle where you could win 3000 points.…


Griddler6's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
I am Riddy Prower on YouTube. My main interests are gaming and music. I also do a bit of photography. I am a huge fan of both the Mario series and the Sonic series and I am happy to accept any requests for art in the style of the images I have already done.

Favourite Mario Characters
1. Yoshi
2. Rosalina + Lumas
3. Luigi
4. Daisy
5. Bowser Jr
6. Peach
7. Shy Guy
8. Bowser
9. Wario
10. Toad

Favourite Sonic Characters
1. Blaze
2. Tails + Orbot & Cubot
3. Amy
4. Sonic
5. Silver
6. Knuckles
7. Shadow
8. Team Choatix (all of them)
9. Babylon Rogues
10. Wisps


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I don't have the game yet. I should be getting it in a week's time.
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